About Us

industries_refinery Getex Corporation has been a revolutionary leader in graffiti removal for over twenty years. Our products are the finest on the market. WE GUARANTEE IT! Through extensive testing we have developed the easiest, safest and most effective way to remove graffiti from smooth surfaces like metal, glass or plastic.


In addition to Genie Wipes, GETEX CORPORATION also offers other Getex products such as PS-1 and Graffiti X-15.

PS-1 is a graffiti removal liquid sold in one gallon plastic containers and also in 55 gallon drums for large jobs. Simply apply PS-1 with a paint brush or sprayer and then wipe off the graffiti with a rag or cloth.

X-15 is sold in one quart bottles equipped with a sprayer head, it is best used for small jobs such as removing markers, pens and paint from the interiors of buses, trains or cars. The sprayer head lets you apply the product directly where you want it to go.

Simply spray the graffiti and then wipe off with a rag or cloth.